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About Us

Surgical Masks Manufacturer in Oman | N95 Masks Manufacturer in Oman

Trusta was established during 2016 as a private label brand of our parent company. Since then, we have been developing a carefully curated portfolio of products through our manufacturing relationships around the world. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we found it impossible to procure Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) for our customers. Many had to get by with rationing and reusing these lifesaving supplies and had to compromise on the quality of the product due to unavailability. We promised ourselves that we will never be put in this positon again, so we started building our own manufacturing facility to make surgical masks and healthcare respirators.

Within weeks, we managed to successfully mobilize the machinery and raw materials, re-modelled part of our logistics facility and built our first factory. The entire team worked night and day to transform our company from a distributor to a manufacturer. And The Sultanate of Oman from an importer to an exporter of surgical masks and N95 respirators. As part of a premier healthcare services group, we are using our product know-how and customer understanding to create high quality products that protects people, comfortable to use and a brand they will be proud to wear. We continue to expand our product offering and manufacturing capabilities to cover high quality PPE, medical equipment, healthcare consumables and disinfectants. We aim to be the partner of choice for governments, communities and organizations work through the pandemic and other healthcare challenges.

How are we different


We make products that provide a safe working environment for healthcare professionals. We design our own products, carefully select the raw materials and manufacture them to the best-in-class safety standards. Our products help key workers provide better care for the patients, ensure and safety wellbeing of your loved ones.


User comfort is crucial to achieving good PPE compliance in the healthcare setting. We believe the best piece of PPE kit is the one that you will actually wear and the key to that is comfort. We make products that are easy on the wearer without compromising on safety. Our design and material selection focuses heavily on user comfort and user feedback for prolonged usage.


We were born out of the desire to be self-reliant on PPE supplies. We are committed to maintain a stock-pile of key raw materials that helps us to respond to peak demand. We can no longer afford to assume stability - of steady demand and short, reliable lead times. We would rather over-stock, than under-deliver.


We work with our network of authorized channel partners to ensure the supply our products to critical end users and actively work to eliminate price gouging. We continue to improve our manufacturing and supply chain capability to reduce costs and pass on the savings to our end-users, but never at the expense of compromising on the quality.

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Manufacturing Locations Oman, India, U.S.A, Malaysia

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