• When Should Dental Equipment Be Repaired or Replaced?

    When Should Dental Equipment Be Repaired or Replaced?

    Should you replace or repair your dental equipments, which one would you choose? You might have confused about the same question before, like replace or repair. Dental handpieces are an expensive investment, you must consider more points if you are deciding to replace your dental equipments. A dental office is outfitted with sophisticated and necessary equipment; if one of these items malfunctions or fully breaks down, the office might have to close.

    Before deciding whether to return or repair, check the equipment’s age, issues like previous and ongoing problems, warranty period and usage. Trusta offers the high quality Dental Instruments in Oman, Dubai, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia for your dental clinic.

    You must consider the points before replacing or repairing the dental equipments.

    The age of the handpieces are the most important factor because you can’t use the dental equipments effectively in a long period of time, you should add extra care to the equipments. It’s crucial to consider how long a piece of dental equipment should last if it is maintained properly before you buy it. A replacement makes sense if you’ve previously used it for longer than it was intended to last.

    Efficiency is the most important factor, even though your handpiece is still functional, having a dull or ineffective one can negatively impact your profession, limiting the number of patients you can see and the amount of time it takes to do a surgery. Consider whether a new handpiece might improve your workflow before repairing the current one. Don’t forget to budget for any downtime that can be brought on by periodic maintenance.

    To readily document the date of purchase, any warranty details, and how frequently the item has required repairs, you should always keep an equipment record. You can choose wisely with the aid of this simple inventory. Every year, perform an equipment audit.

    The next point is check your current brand, Examine the “track record” of any renowned distributors or brands that you frequently use. Has their service always been the best? Do the handpieces need frequent repairs or are they of great quality?

    Choosing the right dental equipments for your premises is not at all a hassle, however, you must keep some factors before replacing your dental equipments.

    Our dental instruments are designed to provide durability and consistency for most of the dental treatments, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. Contact our experts today for more assistance.