• A Guide to Choosing the Right Safety Gloves

    A Guide to Choosing the Right Safety Gloves

    Medical gloves are plentiful, but identifying the right one is complicated and crucial. The various options include powdered, non-powdered, latex, nitrile and much more. While choosing medical gloves you may have choices between different materials. Latex, nitrile, and vinyl are the basic options opted generally.

    Before choosing any infection control products especially gloves, analyze its purpose. Trusta provides high quality Gloves and it is the best Infection Control Products Manufacturers in Oman, which includes other infection control products such as Face Masks, Respirators, Gloves, Disinfectants, Sterilization Products, Barrier Products and Disposables.

    The thing that you have to take care of is that the gloves must not split or tear. Nitrile and latex medical gloves are more tough and it seems hard enough to get torn compared to vinyl gloves. Trusta Provides the Best Latex Medical Examination Gloves in Oman, which guarantees high durability and efficiency throughout the procedure. Therefore choose only the right materials which are strong and resilient.

    For medical purposes such as handling instruments or feeling for a vein then you require sensitivity. Close fitting and stretchy latex gloves are the best choice for this type of use. Thin nitrile medical gloves can also perform efficiently but they are less sensitive than latex gloves. Vinyl gloves are not at all good for these tasks. Therefore check the sensitivity that the gloves offer while you choose.

    A glove that suits well without loose and also stretches would provide a good balance. Latex is the best material to manipulate the fingers. A latex medical glove offers flexibility in sizing too as the glove will stretch to fit even when a smaller glove is really required. Hence, make sure you buy a stretchable one for your needs.

    If the gloves you choose are not that stretchable it might go tearing. Latex and nitrile are tear resistant especially across the cuff. If they are prone to a risk of puncture , it would start splitting. Choose your gloves which are highly resistant to tearing and splitting.

    Different tasks that use instruments and small objects like tools would require different gripping capability. In addition there are tasks that involve moving patients and it’s important to keep them comfortable as well. Therefore too much grip would hurt them and we do not require too much grip capability.

    It is rare to require resistance to corrosive chemicals in a medical field. Latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves are not made with this property. Nitrile gloves have some resistance to a wide range of chemicals but latex have poor resistance to oil-based chemicals. Hence, ensure the chemical resistance too.

    Apart from all these some gloves such as Latex gloves might cause allergies to some people. It can be mild to severe. The reaction can be due to the direct touch with the glove or through the powder in it. For that reason, choose your gloves carefully which do not cause such allergic reactions.

    However protection is the primary goal of wearing gloves but every glove could not promise the equal level of safety and protection,  Latex and nitrile gloves are excellent in pretending. As Vinyl gloves provide less protection it has been used in lower medical risk . Therefore keep in mind that the resilience, strength, and resistance to tearing and splitting are all relevant here.

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